Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Does Your Church Send Greeting Cards?

Most churches reach out to the community in many various ways. The verb minister means: To serve, care for, assist, help, treat, and tend to.

Many churches cater to people on the outside, which is good, yet something's missing within the church. 

Nurturing relationships inside the church is a good place to start.
Relationships are key to any organization. 

Seasons in life that are difficult to bear can be intercepted with kindness! We've found that greeting cards are an exceptional way to express love, encouragement, and appreciation.

Not only should we send follow-up cards such as: "nice to meet you," but also as a means to stay in touch with your church family.  


"One who inspires with courage or confidence; who edifies with hope, support and spiritual assistance.  A person who comforts the wounded. One who fosters stimulation to keep on running."

Does your church send cards? If not, now is a good time to start. One greeting card has the power to change a life. Your card can arrive just in time- people like to know- they matter.

People are drawn by hunger, and they hunger to be loved. 

Usually "first-timers" will sit near the back because they don't know anyone. Pay attention to the back row! And pay attention to those who are sitting alone. Approach them and greet them! 

We all need a handshake, a hug, or a friendly "hello." but even beyond that, people actually desire a bit more. We can give more with a simple, sincere card.

We are His "hands and feet." Go the extra mile and send a card. We have an incredible system to help you do this. 
 How about $1.00 per card? 

How to implement a "greeting card ministry"...

Gather (legible :) information such as: current address, birthdays, anniversaries, date of salvation, baptisms, and or other special dates, and names of children etc. 

Set up your account, and simply enter names into the "Contact Manager." Which is something we offer for free. (You only pay for your cards and stamps)  our free system keeps track of birthdays and sends reminders. It also allows you to schedule a card to go out on a specific day if you'd like.

Browse the online catalog and choose a pre-made card or customize your own. You can even put your church logo on the back side of the card if you'd like.


After you finish creating your card, you'll go through the checkout. Next you click on the "SEND CARD" button. NOW... you don't have to do anything else. Because your card gets printed, stuffed, stamped, addressed and MAILED for you!


Pastor Appreciation
Church Anniversary
Revival Meetings
Prayer Meetings
I Appreciate you
Happy Birthday
Thank You
Praying for you
Thinking of You
Get Well

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