Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Secret to Saving a Ton of Money On Advertising

Are you advertising like everyone else? Want to know the "secret" of being chosen over your competitor?  It's really not that hidden.

It's doing something different, and doing something that everyone craves the most- appreciation. 

Everyone wants an influx of sales, but few know how to treat their clients. Every ad out there is targeting new clients. But going after strangers isn't always the right approach.

Because truthfully, traditional advertising e.g., mailers, newspapers, magazines, and digital marketing all cost a ton of money, yet aren't producing a greater return on your investment.

It's a given, nobody likes pushy sales people. Do you ever toss unwanted ads in the trash? Everybody throws money away, by throwing out those ads.

"44% of junk mail is thrown away without being opened or even read." - (Business 2 Community 2012)  That percentage was evaluated 4 years ago.

Are lengthy email "commercials" flooding your inbox? Nobody wants to be sold to all day long. It seems that some of this may be a time waster. Because only a small percentage of people will take action inside an e-mail solicitation.     

So let's get down to "what works" and what will save you time and money on advertising. It's time to shift our thinking.

We all need to make a living, but in order to have ongoing success we must "make a giving". One day you had a dream of owning your own business and becoming wealthy. Not only wealthy, but somewhat free. Now that you're in business, your constant focus is acquiring ongoing customers to bring in that "dreamy" income.

The "net-breaking approach" to marketing is this: Break out of your normal habit of self-promotion as a way of gathering customers, and implement a self-less approach such as:
 Appreciation Marketing. 

Selfish advertising says:

Come buy from me!
Special discount if you bring a friend!
We're the best! We beat the competition hands down!

Self-less advertising says:

We appreciate YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Congratulations on the birth of YOUR new baby!
Enjoy the Brownies- we value your business :)

Traditional sales ads are all about them, but the consumer is not interested. The consumer will only get interested when that business gets interested in THEM.


When you begin to show genuine appreciation to your current clients and customers and make it a lifelong habit, you'll see your sales skyrocket because of ongoing referrals.

Here's the strategy:

#1) Get serious about appreciating the people who buy from you.
#2) Do something for these people.
#3) Don't forget these people.

Hopefully, by now you're interested in learning how to implement an effective "relationship marketing" plan of action. Relationships are built by trust. We've found that Sending cards is a perfect fit. 

The system we use takes the "work" out of sending cards. 
Visit the website to send a free card. 

"A new customer costs 6-7 x more to aquire than an existing one does to retain." 

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