Saturday, June 24, 2017

You're Gonna Like This... A Follow Up Method That Makes Your Phone Ring!

"The fortune is in the follow-up."  

We've all heard it, and it's still true today. The follow-up is vital for initial sales conversions as well as ongoing referrals.   

(Don't bug nice!

Without the proper follow-up technique, generally all we hear are crickets while we wait for a sale... that isn't coming.

If you don't have a great follow-up system in place - that's basically like running the tub water while the drain is open and expecting the water to fill up. It's not gonna happen. 

Let's talk about a way to follow-up that gets you the results you're looking for.

In other to get them to call you. 
If you do this right, they will be calling you. 

The first and most important tip here is this:

You have to get yourself out of the way. As soon as you concern yourself with "the other guy," the bigger your business will become. 


Do something kind, out of the ordinary, because they aren't expecting it.

Send them a nice birthday card with pictures of them (not your business ad) inside it along with a gift card. 

A $5-10 gift card can be very impressive to them, plus it's the sincere gesture that sets you apart.

Perhaps you could send a gift basket to a new customer. Or send a "nice to meet you" card to follow up after your job interview. 

It doesn't matter what the scenario is, what matters is.. you went the extra mile, where few will go.

You're already spending time and money on ads, phone calls, emails just switch gears, a little thing called appreciation marketing is what makes your phone ring. 

People will want to call you- you're a caring person who comes highly recommended.

"Auto pilot"..we have a system that does most of the work. (it's not really's actually really fun!) 

Because you go out of your way to remember someone, reward someone, honor, thank and celebrate someone ...

Use "the nicest tool" in the toolbox. We use it ourselves, see how easy card sending has become. 

You become the most remembered guy or gal- (who cares) and you're the one they call and or recommend to others in your type of profession. 

Events, addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, work anniversaries, any type of occasion that requires a card...  

Nice to meet you!
Thank You!
Congrats on your new house!
Congrats on your new baby!
Thanks for the referral!...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Genuine Kindness Reaps Big Business

Appreciation never goes out of style. In other words - recognizing the full worth of a person and showing them such value 
is vital to any relationship. 

A business will bloom from referrals, and the fertilizer that causes this growth is called appreciation. Always remember this -
everyone wants to be appreciated. 

Once you master this, which is really just the art of applying kindness towards one another, it becomes the glue that adheres your customer base. It builds loyalty, and it's how we're wired. :) 

Give someone what they crave and you'll reap bountifully. 

Think about this for a moment...

How does it make you feel when someone celebrates you or goes the extra mile just for you? You feel pretty darn good! You feel honored, which creates a positive feeling. 

Now lets turn that around. What if no one remembered your birthday, thanked you or ever celebrated you?
The lack of appreciation also creates a feeling- a lonely, negative one. 

What if we purposely make people feel the way we want to feel? The world will be a better place. And it's quite rewarding, both personally and professionally.  

HOW?? ...

It's really simple, yet very powerful. Celebrate people. We have found that by sending greeting cards and recognizing the value in people really hits home.  

We use the best gratitude system on the market!

 By encouraging people- you plant seeds for a better world!