Sunday, April 3, 2016

Build a Flourishing Business Through the Simple Art of Being Kind

Whether you're a physician, a beautician, a franchise owner, or an insurance salesman- if you're not implementing a marketing strategy of kindness and appreciation regularly- your business might as well have a revolving door. 

Without this vital ingredient called "relationship marketing,"
people will tend to leave quickly and may not return.

KINDNESS-Is defined as: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It seems so simple right? It's what we were taught as children- hopefully. "What do you say now Susie?... "Say thank-you." 

A verbal thank you is certainly where it starts, but there's much more you can do that will set your business apart and create an "open door"- a place, a product, or service that people (loyal customers) won't want to leave. 

Think about this. Most retailers recognize they need to implement some type of strategy for customer retention. Such is the case with all of the "reward cards" they offer. Your wallet and key-chain is probably full of them. But do they really work?

I don't believe they're really that effective. People can recognize a gimmick a mile away. Plus they really don't amount to anything valuable anyway. 

OK, so back to kindness. By the way, you can't pretend to be kind. You have to actually mean it. The bible calls kindness a "fruit."
"But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness..."  - Galatians 5:22 

All fruit starts in the ground. We cultivate, plant & water, then receive the harvest. In order to harvest or experience a profitable flow of booming business, you must plant or implement a strategy that will bring you desired results.

Remember "The Golden Rule?" 

How does it make you feel to be appreciated? How do you feel when you're recognized, celebrated, loved and remembered? It feels good. Everyone craves this. 

Do this with your customers/clients on a regular basis and you will...NEVER EXPERIENCE A DOWNTURN IN YOUR BUSINESS. 

If you are genuine, they will smell the sweet fragrance of gratitude and generosity. If you're not, know what they'll smell- perhaps something rotten.

When you send out heartfelt cards and/or gifts it makes people feel special. That's how you like to feel :) 

And guess who will be the first one they remember when you need a referral? YOU and your place of business. You will be highly recommended and valued. 

Here's a simple system you can use to get started:
Check it out for yourself...

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May your business flourish & continue to grow!

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